Thursday, November 4, 2010

Dara's me2day

와쌉?!? ^.^ 우린 지금 공연장! 방금 리허설을 마치고 본무대까지 시간이 좀 남네요~! 어제 하라주쿠 구경 갔었는데 길거리에서 꽤 많은분들이 알아봐주시고 오늘 공연 보러 오겠다고했는데 신기했오요!ㅋ 오늘 멋진 모습으로 공연할게용! 홧팅홧팅 야야야!^_^

Wassup?!? ^. ^ We showcase now! I just finished rehearsing bonmudaekkaji That leaves little time! Yesterday, went to see on the street in Harajuku's about pretty maneunbundeul sigo two would come to the show today, but singihaetohyo! ㅋ gongyeonhalgeyong to look nice today! Fighting Fighting, hey, hey! ^ _ ^

Dara is back from Japan

Credits to: ohdara

2NE1 New Promotional Video for Mama

2010 Mama Spot

A 30 seconde video. They're soo cute.

2NE1 on Winwin English Sub


How to vote on MNET Mama Awards (2NE1)

2. Click “Voting START!”
* If you already have an MNet account, enter your Username + Password (MUST HAVE letters + numbers).
* If you haven’t registered, click “Join”. This will lead you to another window.
3. AGREE TO TERMS: Check all the check boxes then click “Save”.
* Fill up the boxes accordingly.
* To get your authentication number, you must be able to right click the certification. If not, then chances are you’re not using Internet Explorer. Switch to Internet Explorer and it will hopefully work. BUT click the certification tab ONLY ONCE. Also, don’t close the window! Wait for your authentication number (it’s fast…it takes about 15mins for me to receive the authentication number..Just be patient :)) i found it on my SPAM folder..). Check your inbox/spam folder in another tab/window.
* If you were so excited that you clicked the certification tab a lot of times and received several authentication number, USE THE LATEST.
* Enter the numbers you see in the image.
* Click “Save”.
5. COMPLETION: Click “Log In”. You should be able to log in with the Username and Password you had entered earlie

2NE1 "It Hurts" MV reach One Million Views on Youtube

2NE1′s exceptional transformance for their follow-up title song, “It Hurts” music video, has already caused it to reach over one million hits only two days after it has been released.
“It Hurts” music video was made public during November 1, on 2NE1′s YouTube channel, where it was reported to reach 1.4 million views already.
The music video showcases the longing and desire for an unrequited love, featuring 2NE1 member, Sandara Park in the lead role. In the music video, Sandara Park releases her sad tears, longing for her lover, Big Bang G-Dragon’s long-time friend and actor-model, Lee Soo Hyuk. Because of it’s dark, fantasy-like concept, 2NE1′s successful attempt at a stunning transformation, garnered a lot of attention.
In fact, the interest in the video was so much that it exceeded over one million hits, proving an explosive reaction. And especially because “It Hurts” broadcasts sad lyrics and a great melody appropriate to the season, it has become more and more popular.
“It Hurts” is an R & B song in 2NE1′s full album. It has been rising steadily in the charts since it was announced to be the follow-up song for promotions.
Last October 31, 2NE1 performed a live stage performance for “It Hurts” on SBS Music Program, “Inkigayo,” marking it as their debut performance for their follow-up activities.
 As of now, it's view reach to 2M+

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